Defining Our Role

As The ADA Legacy Project continues to evolve we are developing a better sense of our role. Originally, we anticipated that The Project would be focused on developing and doing a lot of things: exhibits, events, a road show, a tool kit, curricula, etc. Sure, we recognized there were a lot of good things being done in the disability community – and we knew we wanted to coordinate with these efforts even as we were busy with all these projects. But as the months have gone by we’ve realized there’s a great deal the disability community is doing. Rather than trying to develop new things, we need to just make connections. 

So now we are clear on our role: we want The ADA Legacy Project to be a clearinghouse. The disability community is a thriving network of individuals and organizations who are actively involved in preservation, celebration, and education initiatives. The Project will thus serve to connect, coordinate, and communicate these efforts.

The emphasis is now on learning what’s going on out there, making connections, identifying partners, and sharing this information. As such, you’ll now see a list of partners on each of our work area pages. This list will continue to grow as new partners emerge.

So far, news of this change in our role has been very well-received. What do you think?

Preservation Work Group: Off to a Great Start

Our Preservation Work Group met for the first time yesterday. They reviewed their draft work plan and purpose. After initial discussion, the group agreed on the following next steps:

1. Review the results of The Project’s online survey, focusing on responses that related to disability history collections.

2. Explore and identify ways to use this blog as their central hub for communication and collaboration.

3. Develop a series of one-page documents that discuss best practices for preserving historical materials. These documents will be targeted to the average lay person who may have various materials in his/her basement or attic.

4. Identify a regular monthly meeting date.

Welcome to Our Central Hub!

Greetings! You have found your way to the base camp for The ADA Legacy Project. We have many committees and work groups and teams, as well as people on the streets who are cheering on this parade! We hope this blog will help us all stay connected and share ideas as we work together to build the ADA’s legacy.

The blog is set up according to our committee structure. We have three committees: Programs, Communications, and Fundraising. The Programs Committee is broken up into three Work Groups: Preservation, Celebration, Education. Each committee and work group has its own page. These pages will ensure that we know who’s involved, what they’re working on, what brainstorms they’ve had, what help they need, etc.

Feel free to poke around. If you are a member of one of these committees or work groups, pay particular attention to your group’s page, though I hope you will also check out the other pages, too. There will be lots of opportunities for cross-pollination!

Feedback? Comment here or send an email to Kristen, Project Coordinator, at

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